“Showing that other forms of management are possible.” Women & Learn.

We celebrated the International Women’s Day by listening to three women about their experiences in the technological career

Only four new students in careers related to engineering, industrial production or construction are female, which translates into 24%. This gender gap in university technological studies means, consequently, that women represent only 18% of professionals in the technological industry.

In Spain, more than half of university students are women. Nevertheless, not all races have an equal percentage of men and women 


100 attendees

Clients like RTVE, Vodafone, Telefonica or Ilunion, Altran teams and Altran managers

20 minutes

Each spoke about what it means to be a woman in a technological profession and the achievements that still need to be made

Cristina Álvarez, Ex CIO of Telefonica Spain, Alicia Richart, Managing Director of digitalEs, y Ana Mosquera, Director of Telecommunications, Media and Services of Altran were the main characters of this event.