Do we want to live forever? Innsane, Battle of Ideas.

In this second edition we want to answer the challenge: Young people at 100. Can our society endure eternal life?

  It’s an open ideation session, in which collaboration is essential to solve a great social challenge related to technology 

Advances in the field of medicine and the improved quality of life have made life expectancy increase year by year. It is estimated that in 2030, life expectancy in South Korea will be more than 90 years, and it is expected that in Spain it will increase in up to 5 years.

However, many questions arise on this issue, since this increase brings with it many financial and demographic challenges: how will the increase in longevity affect people,  companies or the economy. This generates a debate that escapes the health sector.


An experienced psychologist in old age, a member of the Red Cross, a specialist in geriatrics, an aesthetic surgeon, an expert in People Management, an expert in economic and business ethics and a highly experienced asset expert met on stage.

All of them, along with the audience, generated almost 150 ideas that would serve as a way to an enlightening result.

120 attendees

Clientes from different companies such as Endesa, IBM, Alsa, Microsoft, Airbus or Ferrovial

7 different solutions

Most of them focused on education and social and political change

Design a system that allows to flexibilize the life cycle in it’s different areas: constant and modular training throughout life, reproduction and work / rest.

The aim is to implement a flexible retirement system with individual decision, based on a structural change in the pension system generated through a new system of civil dialogue in the Congress of Deputies.

It would be to develop a collective intelligence of emotions and experiences. And for that, a universal language of emotions would be generated, in addition to a laboratory of experiences where they could be classified by items and dump the results in an encyclopedia / oracle type system.

It’s about generating a multi-channel platform that brings together and helps articulate the demands / rights of the elderly. The emotional bond of the grandchildren (minors) would also be used to facilitate, to make access to these tools easier. And his life experience would also be capitalized and valued.

It would try to understand what is the concept of “beauty” and generate the software necessary for robots to interpret what is or is not “beautiful”.

A “Kantian” robot that complies with traffic regulations, efficiently, to avoid accidents.