“I have pretty much realized my childhood dream.” Lynda Taabane, BNP Paribas


A Song that motivates you in a workday? Unfortunately my brain can not work with music, but when I get depressed and I need motivation, I listen to Want it back by Guts.


What color do you usually come dressed to the office? I don’t have a favorite color, but I have a huge number of colorful sneakers and I am not waiting for Friday to wear them.


A place to travel?I would like to make a safari in Rwanda to go and observe gorillas in their natural environment.


 When I was a child… I wanted to be a primatologist.

I became a UX designer for companies a little bit by accident.

Lynda Taabane

User Experience Team Lead at BNPP

Lynda, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Since I was a child, I have always tried to identify the mental representations of the people talking to me, what source of analogies theses representations are built on, the implicit constraints they imposed and how these representations change during the conversation… Yeah, I know it’s a weird obsession. So naturally, I ended up doing research in cognitive psychology (which is the branch of psychology which deals with how people think, memorize, perceive..).

After several years doing research at university, I became a UX designer for companies a little bit by accident.

So now, I nourish my obsession by facilitating workshops or conceiving tools that would encourage the construction of mental representations that facilitate their use. So I still track mental representations but for a living ahahah !

About your current position: what is your mission at BNPP CIB?

For six months, I have been in charge of a UX Design Team, at BNPP CIB, the corporate part of BNPP. We are recreating a real internal agency inside BNPP with 15/20 designers.

My mission is to spread the design approach as wide as possible. I would like the Design state of mind to become the most wide spread state of mind among my colleagues, not just a fashionable word but something really integrated in our culture.

To fulfill my mission, I try to push clean methodologies, insist everyday on the importance of the respect of the every steps of the approach (explore / ideate / Produce / test & iterate), and not to rush to the prototype step.

My actual point is to MAKE, we really are makers. For me, Design or Design Thinking can not change companies’ culture if it stays on the level of a concept or idea.

People have to experience by themselves « working on a project with a design approach » to really integrate design in their way of grasping their professional environment.

In what Altran ID is helping you? What do you like about the ID team?

As BNPP CIB is just huge, I can not succeed all by myself so I need to have partners in crime to spread the approach with me.

When I met the 2 or 3 first consultants from Altran ID, Aline, Marianne & Anna, I quickly realized that we shared the same values : clean methodologies, high quality of the deliverables, great attitude and pleasure to come to work.

So I asked to your marketing man if we could strengthen our collaboration. This is where the idea of the service center came form.

What are the objectives of the service center?

The main objective of the service center is to help me accomplish my mission : spreading Design Approach at BNPP CIB.

For that, I would like us to be in a win-win situation where I enjoy having great consultants to realize BNPP projects and Altran ID’s consultants enjoy having interesting projects inside a great team.

How many ID consultants are involved? How many projects are underway? 

6 Members of the ID team are mainly on 3 big projects.

One large program about the Credit Chain in which we are doing interviews, observations, co-conception with users & colleagues, this program is led by Simon.

Some of ID consultants are on a personas project, where we are interviewing bnpp colleagues to understand their needs concerning IT services offered by BNPP.

Personas & UX maps should be delivered at the end of next month and we hope It will open a large program of conception in September …

Aline has worked on Agora, a project that will be presented at VivaTech this month.

Finally, Aline & Marianne are working on a project which is at the Exploration /Ideation stages, so they are in charge of workshops & interviews in Europe.

Now we really are lucky to have different kinds of projects, from 20 days to 3 years, at different stages, on which we offer different kinds of methodologies.

What types of projects, activites & methodology are deployed? Can you tell us about the difficulties & successes encountered with us?

My principal difficulty is that there are not enough of you, ahahah. No seriously, even if sometimes I am frustrated that you have no more consultants available, I understand that finding people who match your high quality standards is a difficult task.

Another difficulty is to anticipate the number of consultants my team will need in 1 or 2 months. But my internal clients always come at the last moment, like « we would like to start tomorrow or yesterday», so I am regularly trapped. But we can hope that the more my team would be known, the easier it would be to get people on board on time.

As for the positive aspect, for me , it is always a pleasure to exchange with one of you about our projects, I really appreciate how we address my internal clients’ needs.

More generally, I like to have discussions about the UX team’s vision with your consultants, it’s always inspiring.

What do ID and UX BNPPCIB teams have in common?

So we have a lot in common I think (or I hope) :

  •  I would say that we focus more on the essence of the projects rather than on the appearances,
  • we are not in design industry because it’s trendy but because we love understanding situations & solving problems,
  • we are straight on methodologies
  •  & we put the good of the projects before osur ego.


How do you imagine the future between BNPPCIB and Altran ID?

I would love you to find enough people to avoid me to spend time on recruiting outside my services centers.

I would like us to keep learning & design several pleasant experiences for BNPP’s colleagues & clients.

Is it possible to innovate under pressure? For a true innovation to come through it generally demands peace of mind, you need time to reflect. Many innovations come in from the side as the ideas mature.  It is always important to include time in the project for ideations, alone and in the team, so that ideas have time to develop.

What do you think about mistakes in innovation? The longer you wait to make mistakes the more expensive it gets. It is important to prototype, explore the mistakes and look for weak points to put pressure on in order to refine the ideas and the final product. Looking for week points early on saves time and effort later.